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Waterax's skid units are designed for use on vehicle platforms such as pickup trucks, flatbed trucks, trailers, and off-road vehicles for a variety of different firefighting operations. They have proven to be one of the most versatile and cost effective tools used by fire departments, the forest service, parks services, and private stakeholders for fire suppression. They are particularly advantageous in urban interface sectors and situations where road access can be restrictive to large fire trucks. A quick response can make the difference between a spot fire and a large-scale forest fire.

SKIDTANX are custom-built fast attack units that feature best-of-breed components which ensure that no matter how you choose to customize your unit, you will be armed for success.

The RANCHER series is designed for use on ATVs and other small utility vehicles. Compact and lightweight, these units can rapidly access remote areas beyond the reach of standard skid units.



Custom Skid Units






Custom Skid Units






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